«RA Logistics» — a company that is engaged in cargo transportation worldwide. Pledge of success of the work lies in the carefully selected professional team where each employee to the smallest detail and knows his job well versed in it. That is why we offer the most favorable conditions for cooperation, the winner of which are our customers, and the company itself. All employees have a wealth of experience and high qualification, therefore, can immediately solve even complex tasks in freight traffic.

     Among our customers are many small businesses and large organizations, some of whom have become our regular customers and enjoy our services. A large number of regular customers speaks volumes about what we are trusted. An important component of our success remains the highest service. Our experts will develop a detailed plan of delivery, closely monitor the entire itinerary, provide gentle unloading and exercise control over the delivery of the goods until the receipt by the addressee.

     A considerable part of our work up cargo truck and, if necessary, we can arrange delivery of cargo by sea. «RA Logistics» is one of the few companies in Ukraine, which is engaged in multimodal freight. This means that depending on the selected route of delivery, our specialists organize the delivery of the goods by different modes of transport, the customer enough to conclude a contract with our company for transporting cargo, and all other concerns take on our specialists.

     Our individual approach to each client, the company provides effective and gentle delivery of the goods as soon as possible. Our experts calculate the optimal route of delivery, to the goods arrived quickly, and the cost of such delivery was the lowest possible, so international freight transportation with us available to everyone. If you have any questions or want to use our services, please contact our forwarders, and they describe in detail the terms of our cooperation and will answer all your questions. The choice is always yours!