While the delivery of cargo in the same country, and even more so in one city, can take up a lot, it’s far from a few logistics companies in Ukraine are engaged in international cargo transportation. Indeed, international transportation — it is very difficult and responsible, since it is necessary to conduct a full logistic support, to prepare all the necessary documents for customs control and cargo transportation on the territory of other states. It is also necessary to work with several types of vehicles, to deliver the goods quickly, safely and at reasonable prices.

The company «RA Logistics» for many years engaged in cargo transportation on the territory of Ukraine, as well as delivering goods to many countries. An important detail in the international transport of goods is the quality of the packaging, so that the process of transporting the goods are not damaged.

One of the main advantages of the company is the selection of the optimal route of cargo delivery to the destination. This can be used not only the delivery of cargo by road but also by sea transportation. The route is chosen in such a way as to ensure its safety, speed delivery and lower cost of transport, especially in the case of international transportation is very important. The company’s specialists accompany the consignment from the boot point and ending point of unloading and handing over the goods in the hands of the recipient. Loads are continuously monitored, so at any time, experts can tell where it is.

     It is important that the international transport of a load engaged in one company, as is the case with many intermediaries transportation price increases significantly, but the risk of getting the goods damaged or does it not get much higher. The company «RA Logistics» operates without intermediaries, and ensure timely delivery of cargo sent intact. We deliver goods to many countries and have a great experience, so we know how to deliver the cargo to the right place as quickly as possible, at the lowest price, and, of course, safe and sound.