For shipments of various sizes traditionally used rail, but in many cases it is more expedient to use other modes of transport. Since international cargo is often carried out by road and by sea. When it comes to delivering the goods to other countries that are on a different continent, then the use of railway vehicles or cars is not possible, because they are not pereplyvut sea. A cargo aviation services usually are expensive, so the most optimum way of delivery of cargoes are marine cargo by means of modern cargo ships, which can carry thousands of tons of different cargo.

The company «RA Logistics» has a wealth of experience in the transport sector, both within our country and abroad. The company boasts an excellent reputation as a reliable partner, so trust us, even large multinational companies. The company’s specialists are highly skilled and vast experience, thus developing the most optimal route of delivery. Of course, maritime transport is not able to deliver the goods in the interior of the country, so our experts can organize the delivery of cargo from the port to the point of delivery.

During many years of our company’s specialists we have developed the most profitable for the company and customers’ routes and deliveries schemes. In addition, our staff will monitor the transport of the cargo throughout the entire route, so at any time be able to inform the customer of the location of its load. Modern cargo ships transporting a huge amount of goods, so the delivery by sea is beneficial to all.

     Any international transport, and especially maritime transport linked with the need to design a plurality of authorizing and accompanying documents. In fact, to collect all the documents and the right to issue from untrained people can leave a lot of time and effort. Our experts on this matter has already «eaten a dog», so in the shortest possible time make out all the necessary documents, prepare the goods to undergo customs control. Our company provides a full range of services, from cargo loading and unloading, and ending with his transfer to the recipient. If you need to deliver the goods, our company can quickly and cheaply deliver it in any convenient way for you.