It does not always cost-effective to organize a cargo transportation in the country or abroad only one mode of transport. So if you use the railway transportation, the destination can be on the impressive distance from the nearest train station, so it is necessary to ensure delivery by road to the site of delivery. The situation is similar with the sea freight traffic, since it is necessary to deliver the goods to the port of departure, as well as to organize the unloading and further transport to a destination, which may be quite far from the port.

Not all companies can boast the organization of multimodal transportation and delivery offer only one type of transport. The company «RA Logistics» does not apply to this and offers its customers the most favorable conditions for cooperation, picking up the best possible transportation route and choosing the most economical way to use dostavki.My international road transport and deliver the goods by sea. And if it is not necessary to, we can arrange delivery of the goods by different modes of transport on certain sections of the route of delivery.

Our experienced staff for each customer calculated the optimal delivery scheme, which may include the transportation itself in different modes of transport. Through this organization of cargo delivery, transportation process is quite fast, and the customer pays for shipping the minimum. The company guarantees the safety of the cargo, the experts can tell the client where the cargo is now in any time. We accompany the cargo throughout the route of delivery and control the process of loading in the warehouse and to the delivery of the goods at the recipient’s hands.

     Using several types of transport, it is necessary to design a set of documents. Our company has taken care of the comfort for the customers, so all logistics transport rests entirely on the shoulders of our employees. Suffice it to conclude with the company a contract for shipping services, and then our employees will prepare all necessary documents and arrange delivery of the goods most profitable route and most favorable in certain parts of the route of transportation. Due to the vast experience and high professionalism of our specialists organize fast and inexpensive delivery of goods, using if necessary the different modes of transport.