«RA Logistics» company has rich experience in the freight market and has earned a reputation as a reliable and trusted partner who values ​​its customers and fulfills all its obligations. However, despite all the precautions and well thought-out schemes and deliveries routes, international freight transportation always have some degree of risk.

     Of course, it is impossible to foresee everything and everything to foresee, so our company insures the goods carried, so that in case of unforeseen situations clients received fair compensation.

     Our employees have developed a mechanism of insurance of various goods, which is always introduced to our customers. We try to ensure the safety of transported cargo and do everything possible to do so, but in a way it can happen everything, especially when it comes to the delivery of different types of transport in remote corners of the state. So if you need an international cargo shipping, we will insure your cargo, and in the event of damage or loss you will get legal compensation. We care about customers and do our best to make our cooperation mutually beneficial and fruitful.